Easiest Way to Make Delicious Sharon's bbq chicken on indoor/outdoor grill

Sharon's bbq chicken on indoor/outdoor grill. Indoor grills are compact appliances that will let you grill food at home without much effort or smoke. In this review, we've collected a variety of different Indoor grills can add fun and different cooking methods to almost any home or residence. Whether you want to grill just for yourself or an entire.

Sharon's bbq chicken on indoor/outdoor grill This BBQ Grill cooked our pork chops perfectly, they were so. Check out our indoor outdoor BBQ grills review to find a perfect match. But, this is a great grill for cooking whole chicken and large roasts. You can have Sharon's bbq chicken on indoor/outdoor grill using 17 ingredients and 7 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of Sharon's bbq chicken on indoor/outdoor grill

  1. It’s of For chicken marinade:.
  2. It’s of Chicken of your choice (I used wings and thighs).
  3. Prepare of Black pepper.
  4. It’s of Cayenne pepper.
  5. You need of Onion powder.
  6. You need of Garlic powder.
  7. You need of Oregano.
  8. It’s of Paprika.
  9. It’s of Seasoning salt.
  10. Prepare of Bbq sauce.
  11. You need of Sweet baby rays.
  12. You need of Garlic salt.
  13. You need of Cayenne pepper.
  14. It’s of Onion powder.
  15. You need of Black pepper.
  16. You need of Paprika.
  17. You need 1 can of pineapple chunks.

A sophisticated looking indoor outdoor electric grill for all. This is easy to use a grill with a user-friendly interface. When the weather keeps you from your outdoor grill, this is a recipe that will remind you of warmer days ahead! Straight from America's Test Kitchens, the recommended brand of store-bought barbecue sauce is Add chicken to toss and coat.

Sharon's bbq chicken on indoor/outdoor grill instructions

  1. Clean chicken and place in bowl; add all seasonings to your liking. Mix with chicken well; Refrigerate for 4-24 hours.
  2. Preheat indoor grill (I put mine on #4) spray with nonstick spray.
  3. Add chicken to grill.
  4. In a sauce pan add bbq sauce, JUICE from the can of pineapples, and all seasonings; mix well; taste the bbq sauce and add more seasonings as desired; cook on medium and bring to a boil; add pineapple chunks; bring to boil and remove from heat.
  5. Flip chicken after 10mins. You should see really good grill marks.
  6. Once chicken is ready add bbq to both sides of the chicken while still on the grill; remove chicken from grill.
  7. Enjoy!!.

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