Easiest Way to Cook Perfect Sophie's spicy corn dog muffins

Sophie's spicy corn dog muffins. Spicy Corn Dog Muffins combine sweet and spicy in a delicious corn muffin that is moist and flavorful! These are made with Jiffy Corn Muffin mix You can add extra heat to these if you like a lot of spice. If you have a milder palate you can tame them down too!

Sophie's spicy corn dog muffins See more ideas about Cooking recipes, Recipes, Food. With no skewers or deep-frying required, these easy-fix muffins recreate the flavor of a summer fair favorite. Side Dish Mini Corn Dog Muffins. You can have Sophie's spicy corn dog muffins using 12 ingredients and 8 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Sophie's spicy corn dog muffins

  1. It’s of corn meal.
  2. You need of flour.
  3. You need of sugar.
  4. You need of baking powder.
  5. Prepare of salt.
  6. Prepare of milk.
  7. Prepare of hot sauce.
  8. You need of egg.
  9. It’s of grated cheese.
  10. It’s of hotdogs.
  11. You need of Optional.
  12. You need of instead of hot sauce, freeze dollops of ketchup the size of five pence pieces on grease proof paper. Add them to the muffin cups just before you add the hotdogs, and cook as normal..

Side Dish Fresh Corn Muffins with Bacon and Cheese. These yummy, cheesy Mini Corn Dog Muffins are served with a side of spicy mustard. Mix up a Coney Island favorite with our savory Mini Corn Dog Muffins. Kids, and grown-ups, love these easy-to-make "corn dog" muffins.

Sophie's spicy corn dog muffins instructions

  1. Preheat your oven to 100Β°C..
  2. In a bowl, mix your dry ingredients. (Not including cheese and hotdogs)..
  3. In another bowl, mix your wet ingredients. (Not including cheese and hotdogs)..
  4. Mix the wet ingredients into the dry ingredients. Use a grand blender and mix until smooth..
  5. Spray cooking spray on the inside of your muffin tin..
  6. Divide your mix between your 12 muffin indents..
  7. Chop your hot dogs into slices and distribute between your muffins. Poke them just beneath the surface..
  8. Bake for 25 minutes, topping with cheese 10 minutes before they finish cooking..

Good as a snack, at breakfast with some scrambled eggs, or with a bowl of hot soup. Corn Dog Mini Muffins – Everyone's favorite corn dog made into the easiest mini muffins. Because everything tastes better in miniature size! On Monday, we had those apple butter pastrami sandwiches. Today I bring you these epic corn dog mini muffins.

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