Recipe: Appetizing One Banana Muffins

One Banana Muffins. These perfectly delicious Small-batch Banana Muffins can be made with one banana, one bowl, and half an hour. I didn't want a spice muffin. I wanted a banana nut recipe and thought this one looked very good with the real butter in the ingredients and by the pictures.

One Banana Muffins Home » Breakfast » Muffins » One Banana, One Bowl Banana Muffins. Based off my fan-favorite banana bread recipe, this is an easy small batch banana muffin recipe that only needs one banana. If you make banana muffins but not with caramelized bananas, you have to give this recipe a try! You can have One Banana Muffins using 10 ingredients and 3 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of One Banana Muffins

  1. It’s of large overripe banana.
  2. It’s of egg white.
  3. You need of vegetable oil.
  4. You need of sugar.
  5. You need of flour.
  6. You need of baking powder.
  7. You need of baking soda.
  8. You need of salt.
  9. Prepare of cinnamon.
  10. It’s of nutmeg.

I usually put one slice of banana on top of my muffins (see below), but once in awhile I add Nutella to. Mash one of the bananas with a fork on a small plate so it still has a bit of texture. Set the plate aside, you will use this banana later. With a hand mixer, whip the remaining.

One Banana Muffins step by step

  1. Preheat oven to 350F and set up a muffin pan with 4 muffin cup liners..
  2. Mash banana in medium bowl, then add all ingredients and mix well until combined..
  3. Evenly divide batter into 4 muffin cups, then bake for 20 minutes or until a toothpick comes out clean..

These healthy banana muffins are so easy to make and so good… so You won't believe how simple these muffins are to mix up in one bowl. The first step is to whisk. These Easy Banana Muffins are light and tender, with fresh banana throughout. Made in just one bowl, this quick. Paleo banana nut muffins make for a healthy way to start the day.

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